I shorted my Pico, anything I can do?

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  • Even red LED doesn't blink when I connect Pico to PC. Can I replace broken components or there is no point and I should wait for the next batch? If there is chance to replace components, how can I find burnt one? I have multimeter and I can recognize only surface mount resistors and capacitors.
    By visual inspection component labeled as C106L seems little bit off and when measuring resistance with multimeter it doesn't show anything. But I can't be sure as my multimeter is acting weird lately (random values when there is no contact, going to buy new one).

  • What actually happened when you shorted it out?

    First step is I'd plug it in and check the voltage between GND+VCC, and GND+3.3v.

    If those aren't around 4.5v and 3.3v then my guess is it's the USB power diode. It's the small component nearest the USB connector with S4 written on it - it should be pretty easy to replace. If you're only ever going to be running the board off of USB then you could actually short it out.

  • Yes, it seems it is just USB power diode. I'll short it while I go and get new one.
    Thank you!

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I shorted my Pico, anything I can do?

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