• I get a weird response when typing in the left part of the Espruino Web IDE. If I type a key on my keyboard, often nothing happens. After a couple of more keys, the text I typed suddenly starts appearing

    Is this something you recognize?

  • Is your espruino busy/running? ...and talking to console?

  • I've always noticed that the left side is a little flaky, in terms of characters not getting displayed when they should, particularly when pressing up/down to go through recent commands. Like you report, a few more characters always seems to sort it out.

  • I've always noticed that the left side is a little flaky

    On the Pico, or on the original board too?

    As @allObjects says, if you've got code that takes a long time to run, eg:

    setInterval(function() {
      for (var i=0;i<10000;i++);
    }, 10000);

    You'll find that Espruino can be quite laggy. Ideally you'd split your code up into small tasks that each execute quite quickly, then the command-line will be a lot more responsive.

  • Definitely on the original board. Not sure if on the picos too.

    It's not a time delay thing - it'll sit like that till the cows come home - but if you pretend it was displaying correctly, everything works; the Espruino itself knows where the cursor is, and what all should be displayed, but it seems like the IDE is not always in sync with the Espruino sometimes w/regards to what should be displayed, particularly where the position of the cursor on the line is getting moved around (like you're pounding the up/down keys to get old commands back).

  • Wow, that's strange. You're running Windows?

    Maybe there's some issue with Chrome serial - I do most dev work in linux so may not have hit it before.

  • I've had that too, only on Windows I think, Linux hasn't had the problem

  • Just going to add onto this thread some clarification that sounds like this issue.

    Pico plugged into my laptop, work laptop both on win 8.1x64 pro both followed install instruction. by Work PC with 7SP1 Pro all x64 bit chrome installs. WebIDE doesn't suggest any new firwares when connected.

    The left console seems to lag by 1 key stroke. The input goes in but is the display isn't updated it seems. Even if you hit Enter you then press say space and the output now show what happen after enter. Press another key like ; and you'll see the space you pressed before.

    typed input: test 
    result: tes
  • huh, well I just opened the webide trying to find a version string to tell you and noticed the settings pane. There's a 'throttle send' option on communications I thought I should try so I plugged in the pico and even with that option it's not doing it anymore.

  • To find the Web IDE version, open setting (cogwheel icon in top right corner).

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  • It's odd about the throttle send fixing it... Is it possible that there's some intermittent issue, and it's just that you reconnected and it worked?

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Weird response when typing in lLeft part of Web IDE

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