Tetris on RGB matrix

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  • I build Tetris on Espruino and output it on a 16x8 RGB matrix. I'm controlling it work some push buttons which works well but I might build something better.

    You can download the code here, it will work with most displays just change the Graphic settings at the top. There are still a few small bugs and lots of features I want to add.

    Here is a quick video showing the game play (excuse the crappy paper diffuser but my camera can't focus on the LEDs without it)

  • That looks great! To be honest the paper diffuser still works pretty well :)

  • That's awesome. The diffuser isn't bad - you need some kind of diffuser, otherwise you can see the individual colors in each LED (like red/green dots inside the yellow). Vellum from art store is considerably better than straight up paper. It's a little clearer, looks more even, and less obviously cheap.

    The diffuser (and frame around it) also lets you hide some super bright lights along the perimeter, which you could do a light show with (ie, a few bright flashes right after a tetris, making it harder to see the game action - this is legit tactic in arcade games, used very effectively in pinball)

    Really, no need to excuse your paper difuser - your tetris gameplay, on the other hand... ;-)

  • @DrAzzy have you come across a decent way of getting/making a grid to go behind the diffuser? When we did it for the Word Clock it was a bit of a labour - it feels like there must be an easier way!

  • For this size, a 3d printer comes in mind. Or use a prismatic acrylic sheet with corresponding spacing (1/n of the led spacing). Should be nice without a grid.

  • Gorgeous. About control: Why not use a Wii Nunchuck? @Gordon made a perfect module for that ;-)

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Tetris on RGB matrix

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