• I've already ordered the PCBs and parts. An investment of well over $400 so it's a bit too late for a redesign.
    I await their answer and will go for Dremel or the perforation with drill to let light shine through :)

  • Actually @allObjects could be on to something - what about perforating the area with loads of tiny holes, then filling it with some kind of milky resin to help diffuse the light coming through those holes.

    Wouldn't be perfect, but it might help.

  • Oh yeah, that may very well work! Could make it less obvious that it is indeed perforated. Hmmm.

    I have not yet heard anything from them, but this is has taken the 'best idea' spot for now. Should be doable too, with a bit of patience.

    Thanks for the ideas @Gordon and @allObjects :) Much appreciated!


    They apologized for not alerting me that the design was not practicable, as they said. I apologized for not thinking it through.

    There are two options ahead, and they will decide.

    1. They redo the panel with complete cutout
    2. They redo the panel with engraved lettering and perforate with many drill holes

    They've treated me very well with excellent service so far :)

  • Wow, great. So whatever happens they'll redo it?

    Sounds like a good company to work with :)

    Any chance you could give them a new design with some areas left in, so the letters wouldn't drop out?

  • Their tool does not support it. It seems text is 'engrave only' and I'm kind of abusing their tool to get what I want.

    I think they realized that they are partially to blame because they did not make what I designed. Though in retrospect I'm kind of glad because that would probably also not be entirely what I imagined. My bad...

    They've been great. I'll update the thread when we've arrived at a solution. They will redo it :)

  • If you could find a clear material with a black covering on it then they could just engrave that instead?

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