Suitable power supply?

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  • Going to make up the addressable LED project for controllable lighting in my living room, I've bought a string of 50 LEDs (bright enough for a 3.5x3.5m room?) but I'm looking for a suitable power supply.

    Looking at the math a 2A power supply should be ok, but I'd prefer a bit of headroom (plus if lights aren't bright enough I'll double numbers and reduce spacing). I've come across this on amazon and wondering if it would be suitable?­eplacement-Supply-Adapter/dp/B008FZ4DZ0/­ref=pd_bxgy_ce_text_y

    Open to other suggestions too.

    Planning on doing standard brightness/colour ideas with changing patterns but also thinking of hooking it up to a browser with webaudio and projecting a spectrum analyser type pattern on the wall. If I get there/am successful I'll post the code.

    Thanks for any help, Lloyd.

  • Actually I think if you're going to full brightness, Adafruit say you should budget for 60mA per LED - so it's 60*50 = 3 Amps.

    I can't really work out the specs of the supply you post, but it looks like 6V @ 2500mA from the picture - which is probably not ideal...

    However it looks like another slingbox PSU would do it... Or something like this.

  • The spectrum analyser would be really cool...

    You might actually be able to skip the PC and do some basic stuff using the waveform api in Espruino itself too if you wanted. While Espruino isn't super-fast for audio it could still measure the sound level, and even has an FFT built in so you could do a basic frequency graph.

  • Thanks Gordon, that's really useful!

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Suitable power supply?

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