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  • Hi all,

    Just a quick note what solder, with/without flux, you are using ? I'm new to hardware hacking and want to solder a hm-10 to my new espruino.


  • Hi! You should be pretty safe with most solder - it usually (always?) it comes with flux inside it. If it says 'multicore' it definitely means it has flux in it.

    I tend to use leaded solder, but it's mainly because that's what I had originally (and a normal roll of solder will last you for years). I think it tends to melt and wick in a bit more easily.

    I'd suggest 0.8mm diameter - it's a nice to work with for smaller components. Try not to get anything much bigger than 1mm though.

    Also I'd invest in a "solder sucker" - they're pretty cheap and are a nice way to remove excess solder if you put a bit much on.

    Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • I use plain old radio-shack solder, rosin core, lead-free, in the narrowest diameter they had without silver in it. It works pretty well. I also keep the larger size on hand.

    For tricky soldering jobs, like where I'm soldering fine pitch SMD parts, or if the solder just doesn't seem to be wetting, I use "no clean gel flux". Tack part in place (soldering a corner or something) put a little on the pin and trace where you're soldering. Works miracles. This stuff:­cc-Syringe-Nozzle/dp/B00DAN3XHQ/ (note - there are other brands that are probably just as good. Also, the "single use only" on the syringe is not relevant - that's boilerplate on plastic syringes, since they're manufactured with medical applications in mind. It sure does raise eyebrows when people see the syringe, with blunt needle pointing up, sticking out of my pen-holder on my desk).

    Despite the nice big pads, I found the bluetooth module to be surprisingly hard to solder onto the Espruino; I'd use the flux with it if I was doing that again, especially if I wasn't experienced with soldering.

  • Cheers for the replies chaps, I managed to solder the HM-10 with no issues and can see it from my iPhone. I'm using Light BLue (­e-bluetooth-low-energy/id557428110?mt=8) to interact for the moment.

    Now the real fun begins

  • That's great! Let us know how you get on!

    I haven't had much time to experiment with BLE, but I'm really interested to see how useful it ends up being.

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solder ?

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