Bluetooth connects, but can't send commands

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  • I've connected the HC-05 bluetooth module and I appear to be able to connect to the board via bluetooth, but I cannot send commands through the Web IDE. Basically, I connect to the proper COM port, and the bluetooth settings in Windows changes from 'Not Connected' to 'Connected', but I cannot type in the left side of the IDE, and nothing I send from the right side appears to work either.

    Any thoughts?

  • Are you powering the board from USB on a computer? If so, the board will have the 'console' interface on USB, and not Bluetooth.

    You can power it from a battery or USB wall adaptor, or you can connect via USB and type Serial1.setConsole() which will move the console back onto Bluetooth.

    Of it's not that, i'd check the two connections nearest the aerial on the Bluetooth module. Those are TX and RX, and if there is a bad connection it will have the effect you describe.

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Bluetooth connects, but can't send commands

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