WEB IDE closes when I hit reset on Espruino

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  • I have a version 1.47, 1.67 and 1.70, but they all get both Chromium and IDE to close when I reset the Espruino, even without any program loaded.

    Chromium Version 37.0.2062.94 Ubuntu 14.04 (290621) (64-bit)

    Espruino Web IDE 0.47.1

  • Is that Chrome Beta, or 'normal' Chrome?

    I actually noticed this a few weeks back with Chrome Beta and reported a bug (it is a bug in Chrome). It'll suck if they've released a known regression that causes Chrome to crash to everyone.

    Issue is this one: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issue­s/detail?id=409554

    Perhaps everyone with the issue can star it and make a fuss and maybe they'll prioritise it a bit more.

  • Ahh - I just saw it's Chromium - so non-beta. Let's hope they fix it quick.

    You might be able to choose an older package version to install?

    Just to add: it's not just Espruino. Any web app that uses the Serial Port will do this.

  • Thank you. Then we will have to wait!
    It also happens with a version 0.45.0 I have lying around.

  • Yes... Best bet is to go back to Chrome v36 I'm afraid

  • Do you have a working link to the google issue? I'd like to find out the details so I can decide whether to delay manual chrome updates - Chrome autoupdate doesn't work on any of the computers I currently use (incompatibility with WideCAP), which it sounds like may be a blessing in this case.

    That link gives me a 403 forbidden:

    403 That’s an error.

    Your client does not have permission to get URL
    /p/chromium/issues/detail?id=409554 from this server. That’s all we

  • Are you logged in with a Google account? It get that with the bug that is linked from the current one.

    I wonder why they're not public? Always used to be I thought...

  • ...'close' is really a friendly way to say 'crash' - ;) - #chromecrash #webidecrash #crash.

    Btw, pulling the USB cable while connected does the same.

  • Ok - I just heard from one of the Chrome devs after badgering them about this:

    The bug is now fixed in v38, but it was too late to get it into v37.

    This means that if you install Chrome Beta, you'll get v38 which will work. I imagine it will still be a few weeks before the 'normal' Chrome updates to v38 though.

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WEB IDE closes when I hit reset on Espruino

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