plotting ADC output.

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  • I am looking for suggestions for software for plotting Espruino ADC output in a Web Browser, for example Chrome. First preference is plotting streaming data. Second preference is plotting data saved in a file.

    I realize this forum is for Espruino programming questions. However, as Javascript is the preferred programming language for working with dynamic data in a Web Browser I am hoping one or more forum members could offer suggestions.

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  • I know that @JumJum uses 'Flot' a lot... I'm not sure if that would do what you want...

  • The actual version of WebIDE on github has a new plugin, which draws line charts based on feedback from Espruino board.
    In the background it uses setInterval to console.log an object with actual data, which is captured by WebIDE and sent/displayed to charting tool.
    You have to activate "testing" in options. There are two tours under help button to give a first introduction. Any feedback, since this is a complex function, would be fine.

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plotting ADC output.

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