General question about adding sensors to Espruino

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  • Hello,

    I'm new to Espruino so please bear with me.
    I'm thinking to buy Espruino, but I get confused a bit. I would like to attach a humidity + temp sensor. The question is where can I buy those and how can I attach them?

    Looking for example on this page:
    it is written the following:
    "Examples on how to get the temperature from a DS18B20 sensor are on our OneWire page." That is cool, but what about this "DS18B20 sensor"? Is it on the board already? If not, where can I buy it? Should I get also

    Another example is Where can I get these?


  • Hello,
    in the US take a look at Adafruit.
    In the UK I've found Hobbytronics and in Germany (where I'm located in) the usual suspects are

    Worldwide: Search for DS18B20 at ebay or for "DS18B20 Arduino" on google and you get a list of sources of supply for your country (with a lot of pictures and instructions to wire the sensor).

    Maybe somebody can extend this list of mail order companies.


    Edit: 22.10.2013 14:47h: Argh! Forgot to write "on google" in the sentence above.

  • Hi,

    Oliver - thanks! Yes, if others can suggest good places maybe post them here - I'd like to add a page which shows various suppliers.

    In the UK there's also

    DS18B20/OneWire : OneWire itself is a way of communicating (like SPI or I2C) and is built onto the board. It's the DS18B20 sensor that you need - as Oliver says you can easily get them on eBay - some of them look like transistors, but you'll want the ones that come with a long wire and a stainless steel end.

  • Looks like eBay is going to be the best option for local tidbits. I'm in Australia so if anyone has any suggestions for here that would be awesome.

  • In the UK I've used before.

    They were excellent, correcting my order for me when I'd made a mistake and not even charging me the difference.

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General question about adding sensors to Espruino

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