• Wiring Up link from http://www.espruino.com/Other+Boards links to localhost:84, and RX- TX should be swapped in the wiring table. Thanks

  • Hi Andrey,

    Thanks for that - I've corrected those now and searched the site for other 'localhost' links - that seemed to be the only page.

    I have changed the table for Wiring, however on many USB-TTL dongles I have (not all though!) the connections mentioned in the table are in fact the correct way to wire them up. It may be that dongles labelled TXD and RXD and different to those labelled TX and RX.

  • well, maybe u'd better to delete this topic, to not to confuse the community?

  • It's ok, I made a note on that page about the different types of dongle. I only realised a month ago when I got a different type that was wired the other way around!

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wrong "wiring" link on the site, and wrong stm32vldiscovrey connecting diagram

Posted by Avatar for Andrey @Andrey