HM-10 BLE and Espruino and IPhone/IoS

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  • Hi, I have the HM-10 successfully talking to Espruino. I used a shield from­.html and with just Power, RX and TX it behaves perfectly well.

    Part of my motivation was to attempt to make my iPhone talk to the Espruino, but so far no go. The iPhone cannot see the HM-10 at all.

    Anybody had any luck with this ?


  • Did you see this?

    I'm afraid I can't be much help on the iPhone front - but have you tried using 'LightBlue'? It seems they used it in this video


  • Hi, yes saw the BLE link on the site. The device is visible in LightBlue and BLExplr :) It's the first in the list ...

    So that's a start. Where next ? I feel a bit like Alice in the Rabbit-Hole !

    (The original idea was to see if I could simply talk to the Espruino from the iPhone (e.g. just enter 1+2 and get =3 back!). Modest !

  • Pat, not sure if you're still working on this, but this iOS sample code worked for me:­sp?id=66 -> "4.0 BLE IOS7 Source code"

    If the link dies, you might be able to google "huamao technology ble ios7 source code".

    Once you get the code running on your iPhone (it doesn't seem to work in the simulator), you can see the HM-10 in the list, click it, and there's a text box to send text back and forth to Espruino.

    There's some sample code here that is a great starting point for the Espruino side:

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HM-10 BLE and Espruino and IPhone/IoS

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