Bluetooth Game Controllers.

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  • I would like to use a Wii or Dualshock 3 game controller to control an RC car. However i have no idea about how to do this. Is there a way to set the HC-05 to Master and scan for the game controller?

  • I'm afraid I think you're out of luck. You can set HC-05 to master, but it'll only ever be a bluetooth serial port (not a master for things like game controllers).

    If you want to interface to them you'd have to crack them open and wire Espruino in directly.

    Having said that you can use the Wii Nunchuck pretty easily (but not wirelessly). There's a library for it here:

  • Aww, Does that you cant use the HC-05 as a master at all as you cant scan for slaves? Its purely a slave.

    I just tried out the Nunchuck it's very easy to use, but i wanted to use a controller to controller to scan for an RC car. This has been done on the Arduino but i think they used a usb bluetooth shield

  • Well, the HC-05 can be a bluetooth master (and can scan for slaves) - but as far as I know it can only be a bluetooth serial port master.

    If you find the arduino bluetooth example can you post it up? If they use the HC-05 we can probably make it work with Espruino.

  • I have been playing around with the AT commands of HC-05 recently. Here's what I have found,


    This will show HC-05 as an INPUT device(GAMEPAD) on your system. We are able to pair to the gamepad but not connect to it.
    On the datasheet they also say it can be configures as a Master device aswell.


    where, 0 is for slave, 1 for master, 2 for slave-loop
    But when I configured it as a Master device it stopped showing on the bluetooth devices list.

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  • Great news about the AT command class specifier - I guess there might be a way to make it act as a gamepad.

    Just to add to this, as the original post is a bit old now:

    While Bluetooth gamepads could be a bit tricky, if you have a Bluetooth LE gamepad which I think are increasingly common now you actually stand a very good chance of connecting and using one with one of the Bluetooth LE Espruino boards (Puck.js, Pixl.js, MDBT42Q, Bangle.js...)

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Bluetooth Game Controllers.

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