• Ok, so playing around with mapping arduino pins, so far the attached is what I have come up with (this is based upon the Espruino face down, with the micro USB port at the mount hole end of the Arduino (I do this for ease of routing)).

    The 2 central columns are the Arduino pinouts, and the outer columns are what I am currently mapping them to on the Espruino. The yellow blocks are un-mapped pins. I've been using the following diagram to help map them:


    So, a few questions. With regards to Arduino pins 4 to 8, on the Arduino pin out diagram, they have a few labels in white boxes which I'm not sure what they mean. Would it be safe to assume, these could be mapped to just any regular pin? (with anything flagged as PWM being mapped to an Espruino pin supporting PWM).

    Secondly, should 5v just be mapped to 3.3v? or should I incorporate a voltage regulator? If I do that though, does that mean the inputs would need protecting against 5v input?

    Lastly, what should IOREF, AREF and RESET map to?



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