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  • Thanks! Yes, it won't be a big deal as far as shorting - it just might be that some peripherals on the middle strip might want wiring to Arduino headers... For instance the DACs are only available in the middle.

    What I'd wanted to do when I finally got around to an adaptor board was:

    • Pre-wired pins from Espruino to Arduino (there must be a setup that makes sense)
    • Espruino's analogs are all non-5v-tolerant, so might need space for a potential divider.
    • Pre-wired headers for common modules (NRF24, AdaFruit CC3000, etc) so people can solder them directly to the board and they'll start working.
    • A footprint for a normal DC power jack - it might be people want to use their Arduino power supply with Espruino

    Just a thought anyway...


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