• Hey Gordon,

    I spent the weekend learning how to use Eagle to design something and have sent it off to OSHPark to get it made (Design attached). I've based it purely on my needs at the moment, but it should be usable for other things too.

    I've basically created a large perf area in the middle which you can connect the Espruino to, then use jumper wires to connect the related pins of the Arduino headers to the ones of the Espruino.

    The design is currently private on OSHPark while I test it, but if you have any feedback, I'd be happy to tweak it and make it public for others to be able to order.

    Let me know what you think.


    PS I'm hoping to connect the Espruino to this http://shop.technologywillsaveus.org/col­lections/frontpage/products/diy-gamer-ki­t-with-arduino which is why I want to make the adapter.

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