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  • I've tried to connect the HM-10 as drop-in replacement, but it doesn't seem to be as easy as I though from the first glance. The reasons are manifold. First in order to communicate with the HM-10 module, you need to use Serial1.print() and not Serial1.println() or any other addition such as \n or \r. So for a test Serial1.print("AT") should return OK.
    Next, the HM-10 is by far more complex than the HC-05 module, so you might need to spend more time configuring these modules than it takes with the HC-05 modules.
    Last but not least you need a device to connect to. In my case I thought an iPhone would be enough, not confirming the version. So with my iPhone 4 (with no 's'), only Bluetooth 2.1 is supported. Also Windows 7 doesn't backported the BLE stack from Windows 8, so it's also not working, except if you are using a dongle (which itself can also be build from the HM-10 module, at least in theory, since the HM-11 uses an HM-10 module).


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