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  • Hi. Thanks for the post. It'd actually be really handy if you could split some of the tests and issue a pull request for:­e/master/tests (these rely on a variable called 'result' being set to either true or false). At least then we could quantify and work towards fixing some of these (there's a handy graph here:­ts.html).

    You've spotted some interesting behaviour. One that is major but that I hadn't noticed is that === draws a distinction between int and float (which obviously it shouldn't as in JS everything is supposed to be a float). Hence I think a lot of your number-based tests will pass once 3.0===3 does!

    I'll try and sort some of those issues out - however I won't manage to get everything done... The hardware interface side of things needs a lot of work too but tends to get ignored because it's not as easy to test as just running JS language tests :)


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