• Holy cow... :D

    I just flashed the device that was making problems. I found a way to put it into bootloader mode (get the pulsating blue led). The trick is: pressing the BTN1 button hard.
    This is totally reproducable on my board, if i press BTN1 normally (i hear the click sound and it obviously does something because after releasing RST the red & blue LEDs light up).
    But I press BTN1 hard (to a point where i see the PCB slightly bending already - just barely visible, not total brute-force) and then press & release RST it goes into the bootloader mode just fine (red & blue LEDs go away after fraction of a second and i get to pulsating blue LED).

    Sooo... i don't really know what that means (maybe one of the BTN1 solder-connections isn't 100% ok?) but anyhow: i have now updated my second board :) that's a relief.

    Thanks for your help!


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