• I tried your suggestions (holding the reset button longer or plugging i in with btn1 pressed). However I always see the same behaviour (blue and red light lighting up).

    I also tried again with the other (working) board, there it always works and the bootloader is able to connect withing a fraction of a second (led changes to pulsating blue).

    Changing back to the windows machine and trying the same things didn't show any difference.

    The problem-device currently has V1.43 the other one that i managed to update V1.47 and i just upgraded it to V1.48.

    Are there any other things i can try to update my second board (and yes you assumed correctly that the "normal" mode is working fine on the board, both on linux and windows.

    In Windows, when trying to connect the device in bootloader mode, this window pops up: http://prntscr.com/2o1get


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