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  • Hi,

    Can you actually connect to your board via the Web IDE, enough that it tells you there is new firmware available?

    When you hold BTN1 and RST down, the blue and red lights should glow dimly, and when you lift RST (with BTN1 still down), the blue and red lights should light brightly until your board is connected via USB (then the blue LED will start pulsing).

    So what I'd guess is happening is that your board isn't managing to connect via USB. Can you check:

    • That you have disconnected (by pressing the stop button) in the Web IDE before resetting the board with the RST button
    • That you hold reset down for maybe 5 full seconds (just to be safe - windows sometimes takes a while to detect that the device has disconnected)
    • If the Web IDE doesn't tell you that you have new firmware when you first plug in the board, maybe try with a different USB cable (I've had a few reports of people using broken cables).

    Hope that helps!


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