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  • Dear Gordon,

    thanks very much for the great project and the quick answer. Fortunately I now have a working version.

    Maybe some hints for anyone struggling to make wiznet working:
    I have to tell it was a little more tricky than I had expected (my ubuntu phyton had no clue what serial Module is (so i had to sudo apt-get install python-pip and afterwards sudo pip install pyserial) to make all phyton dependencies working.
    That being said it was able to build the new firmware which I desperately put on a webserver in order to get an url to use for the ChromeApp Firmware Updater. Didn't work this way (and crashed Espruino), but was able to restore original firmware. Afterwards using make serialflash worked perfectly... says to use dhcp you only need:


    This didn't work for me (no connection was set up, there was an error "no sockets free" and App and Esprunio need a restart to work again afterwards), so I finally put in all params by hand (see below), which is my solution after some hours and a little bumpy ride this time.

    var eth = require("WIZnet").connect();
      ip: "",   
      dns : "",   
      subnet: "",   
      gateway: ""
    setTimeout(function() {   
      var http = require("http");     
      http.createServer(function (req, res) {
        res.end("Hello World, here may come some json!");   }).listen(80); 
    }, 10000);

    Thanks for all the hard work, maybe there is a little room for improvement to get wiznet Moduls working as easy as reading temperatures via ADC or the one-wire sensors (which is insanely genius) .


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