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  • If you have a Pi :). I think that the most important part would be step-by-step instructions on the dependencies, how to get the code, how to compile it and how to get in on the boards on *nix systems (Windows might be hard, but maybe cygwin might be of help ...). Some of those steps are still missing or obscure. It's okay if you have a disposable machine to test on, but things such as compiling a gcc version can be messy. Though I think you can get everything running on e.g. OS X using macports, it is a bit too much of a gamble on a production system to test it out.

    Another question in the same line: would it be possible to have a version of Espruino that can be run on *nix systems? This would essentially be an implementation of the Javascript version you have. This would make the development on the Javascript engine easier as you don't need to code, flash an external device and only then start testing. I don't know how easy it would be though.


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