• Thanks! And yes, good plan - I'll make a tutorials section.

    Cunningly the Espruino documentation (https://github.com/espruino/EspruinoDocsĀ­) and the forum use the same markdown syntax so you can just copy and paste your post (via 'Edit') into a new tutorial. Kim: are you ok with this? I'd be very happy to add your post.

    Just some stuff that might be helpful:

    • Your ERROR: Unknown Timeout error could be solved by adding timeout_ID=undefined to the Timeout call itself, and then if (timeout_ID!==undefined) clearTimeout(...)

    • setWatch can be called like setWatch(swap_on_down, BTN1, {repeat:true,edge:"rising"}); so that it only calls your swap_on_down function when the button becomes pressed.


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