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  • Hi,

    I just received my four-pack with bits, and first things first, connected via USB, upgraded the firmware, disconnected and soldered on the two HC-05s as described in the tutorial. Via USB, it all works fine. However, via Bluetooth, connecting the IDE seems impossible.

    Now, I can connect to it via command-line screen /dev/tty.HC-05-DevB 9600, but not via the IDE: after "Refresh Serial Port List", only the generic /dev/{cu,tty}.Bluetooth-{Incoming-Port,M­odem} ports appear. I suspect this is a lack of an appropriate pattern-match.

    This is on OS X Mavericks 10.9.1. I've tried this with two Espruinos with the two supplied HC-05s, powered via a known good USB power supply (the one RS supplies for the RPi).

    (Also, I figure this is a limitation of the Mac Bluetooth UI, but if left unused the Bluetooth device disconnects after a little while and won't come back. This is via the Bluetooth preferences panel: it goes to "Not Connected" and there's no clear way to get it to connect again.)

    Lovely little boards, by the way! Can't wait to think up a use for mine. :)



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