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  • Are you sure those comments are actually correct? Maybe check the PDF schematics that come with it...

    Just a note for anyone else, but the following will give the LCD device codes if it is connected to FSMC. The 2.8" board doesn't have FSMC so it's useless for you though.

    poke16(0x60000000, 0x00);peek16(0x60020000)
    poke16(0x60000000, 0x67);peek16(0x60020000)

    The board sure looks different to the 2.8" one I have. The SD card connector is on the rear, rather than on the LCD board - so it wouldn't surprise me if the LCD connections were different.

    This is another reason for having 'the one true Espruino board' - while cheap, the HY boards seem to change randomly and without warning.

    Potentially you could:

    • Make your own file in boards/ - copied from
    • Modify the makefile to craete a new target for your board
    • Modify scripts/ to actually output #defines for the pin LCD positions
    • Modify lcd/graphics/lcd_fsmc.c to use those new #defines when ILI9325_BITBANG is defined (which it is for the 2.8" board)

    Hope that helps - sorry I can't do it for you but I have my work cut out doing the KickStarter board.

    edit: Having a way to define the pins used for the LCD would help everyone out, and might let us support more boards more easily in the future. In fact it'd be even better if the bit-banged LCD driver could be instantiated at runtime - and then it could be used directly from the Espruino board :)


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