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  • Hi,

    Have you just tried doing something on the LCD? LCD.drawLine(0,0,100,100)

    Built-in objects are handled in a special way to save RAM, so if you query them from JavaScript they'll come up empty. You'll have to check on the reference:

    Is there no text displayed on the LCD at startup at all? Normally at startup Espruino should display some text in the top left. It's possible that the board has a different LCD to normal.

    The 2.8 board is pretty useless really - it's got a surprisingly small processor given the LCD that it's got to drive. Given there's so little flash, code has to be left out to get Espruino (and the fonts/etc) in. Also, different batches of the same 'HY' boards seem to have different LCDs - the driver has to support several different controllers.

    I think you've asked about compiling the software yourself? If so, you could try editing libs/graphics/lcd_fsmc.c and removing the '#ifndef SAVE_ON_FLASH' lines. This should add support for other LCD types and might make it start working.


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