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  • Hi JumJum,

    Thanks - this is really awesome! I've hacked around with jslint (js/codemirror/addon/jshint/jshint.js) so that it now allows binary numbers, and have uploaded it to:­DE/tree/jumjum

    If you use git then you might find it easier to keep track of changes. I'll try and get your changes into a 'proper' release when I get a few free moments - and I'll see if I can dump out the documentation in json format too (but that might be a way off!).

    At the moment, I think having the buttons to select different bits of code (while cool) is a bit daunting to new users. I think maybe I should have a directory in EspruinoDocs called 'examples' which contains properly curated bits of example code (the stuff in 'code' is a mess and was basically only for my own testing :)

    I'm loving the minify + send to Espruino. It works amazingly well - it's staggering what 'advanced' does to your Blinker snippet! Perhaps a simple regular expression replace (something like /0b([01]+)/parseInt("\1")/) could be applied before sending the code to minify to fix the binary number issue. I should just change the example code though :)


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