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  • Hey,

    I'd like to connect my CC3000 to my HY-MiniSTM32V 3.2 and wonder if and how this would work best. Or at all.

    I saw that while the boards have pin declaration files in the source, the CC3000 Pins seem to be hardwired in the CC3000 includes.

    Now, since the CC3000 uses CS, EN and IRQ lines in addition to the SPI lines and the defined IRQ-Pin (B6) is also used by the touch screen, I wonder if there is any conflict (or if there can be multiple IRQs handled by the same line. Sorry if this might be a stupid question).

    I see that we can now have SPIs on any pin combo but the CC3000 class still seems not to be configurable. And since I don't want to fry anthing...

    So, anyway, how would I connect the CC3000 to the HY32? Or would I have to do a custom build?



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