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  • Hello Gordon,
    thanks for the detailled feedback. I did not check the changes you mentioned yet, but I followed your suggestion to add functions to your WEB IDE.
    There is a download for testing available at­
    Changes, you can find them by searching for comment with "juergen" in.

    1. added buttons for scripts, snippets and tutorials in main.html. All open a short form with a selectbox and a checkbox to switch between replace and append.
    2. added initialization of new buttons in terminal.js
    3. added a lot of plugins for codemirror in main.html
    4. added initialization for extensions in terminal.js
    5. added additional javascript to handle new buttons
    6. added a minify button in main.html. Opens a short form with selectbox for type of minify, a checkbox for sending directly to device, and a button to start minify
      I would like any feedback. If this is helpful, feel free to do whatever you want withit.
      Now lets go through other items:
    7. I would not automate connecting/disconnecting to COM. I like to send infos to console during debugging, which would not appear anymore. I would prefer to switch this manually.
    8. the "problems" found by lint are not important, missing semicolon or spaces at the end. Don't waste any time on that.
    9. binary format is not only a problem of lint, its also a problem for minify. As soon as more browser will support this, the problem will disappear sooner or later. Please take it as a hint only.
    10. extensions for code completing and for lint to match functions and syntax fo Espruino is a good direction. Right now my lack of knowledge is the main hurdle doing this.
    11. I am not familiar with python, therefore I would like to wait for you wasting some time for creating JSON files ;-)
      regards from Krefeld(Germany about 12 degrees celsius and rainy)

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