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  • Waiting for espruinos, I decoded to start first test on STM32F4Discovery.
    I had to spend some time get it running, as usualthe problem was in front of the keyboard.
    Anyway, these times are gone.
    First start was done with Chrome based IDE. A simple blinking started soon, perfect.
    Problem I found was the CPU load.
    Connecting to the COM-Port eats CPU like crazy.
    Usually Chrome takes 40%, on my AMD quad core with windows 64 and 8GB.
    Therefore a search started to compare against a simple terminal:
    Putty and others refused to connect to COM port, at the end I got Tera Term running.
    BTW, it does not take any remarkable power, so chrome does something strange.

    Next step was to write some short snippets.
    At that time I missed the IDE, so why not write my own ?
    Codemirror is a beautiful starting point, and together with some additional lines, a very, very, very first editor was born.­.html. Testing ran on FireFox only.
    Added are options to

    • load code from espruino Github
    • load examples from Github
    • load some first snippets
    • minify the code using Google closure compiler
      During testing I found that:
    • console.log takes logs one parameter only
    • arguments keyword is not supported
    • lint finds a lot of minor problems like missing ";"
    • binary format is often unknown in the big world of javascript
    • minify seems to work fine with WHITESPACE ONLY
    • minify my snippet for stepper with SIMPLE_OPTGIMIZATION does not work on Espruino. Syntax looks very strange to me, but all browsers took it.
    • example for stepper does not work with Microstepping, I had to use a different port. Espruino gave helpful error message. Somewhere in the background Espruino seems to have helpful information about ports.

    There are some COM-Plugins in the big wide world for Firefox, but I did not get any of them running. Copy & Paste was my solution to this problem. Hopefully the WebSerial API group, mentioned by Florian Bender will be succesful soon.
    Anyway, I would like to add some more functions to the editor. One is to give some help to select a board and get informations to choose available pins.
    There is a lot of information available in Espruino GitHub. My problem is 1st to understand and 2nd to download, since this would be a cross-Domain call. Easy solution (at least for me) would be a JSON file.
    As soon as I get more devices running more snippets will be added.


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