• Short update:

    I managed to flash my board from my mac using the mentioned tinker tool.

    However, i found:

    The boot button on one of the boards being defective.

    The CRC seed (Bootloader version 0x22) seems different from that in the python script.

    The Serial device having "late" bytes coming in, filling the buffer but not triggering a "data available" event. (Have to determine on what level that bug occurs)

    Zeros being added to memory readouts for readout chunks sizes close to 256 Bytes (sometimrs resulting in some 400 Bytes instead of the expected 256)

    I used a very controlled (and unoptimized approach) for flashing the data onto the board which took 2h or so because of all the waits and checks, but the board now boots into 1.45.

    I'll see what i can take from that, test it on another machine and do some profiling on the delays to get a more optimized version .

    Still hope that it's something stupid that can be fixex easily, however.

    Will switch the boot0 switch, too ...


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