• Gordon,

    I agree that your board is fun and reliable, especially cool with the HM-10, and I recommend it to anybody I meet. But since I needed that touch screen instead of the power saving and battery features (which are amazing) right now...

    Whitelit meaning the display just being white and lit when plugging in a USB cable. Before it played the colorful touch screen demo the board comes preinstalled with.

    USB ist the correct one, as its the only one that shows up as a usb serial port. (and that's only if you install the PL2303 drivers for Mac OS X. Not sure if that was mentioned anywhere.) And of course it erased the flash successfully, so...

    I coded a quick tool to see what's going on on the Serial Port, and it seems that some responses by the board are coming in too slow. Not sure if it's the board or the driver or some weird flow control issue that's the problem here. From what I saw, I would guess that the Python script might get confused when it gets incomplete input or the last bytes from an earlier command. I also get additional zero values at the end when reading board memory in larger chunks. Very weird.

    I'll see if I can make the tool write something to the board and have the board flashed using the tool, now that have most of the talking to the board in place.

    If anybody has an alternative driver (I have the PL2303_MacOSX_v1.5.1.pkg running under Mavericks), please let me know.

    Frankly I see the HY3.2 as an interesting board, and I'd love to pay a licence fee for Espruino (and read your disclaimer in the readme) if Espruino would be supported on this useful board that doesn't seem to come with any those "not for product development" licences if I understand it correctly.


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