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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to get the NRF24L01 example working with two STM32F4DISCOVERY boards. The setup is fairly simple: Two STM32F4DISCOVERY each with one NRF24L01 module connected to SPI1 (A5-A7, C4, C5). One as slave, one as master.

    As I don't think that I'm the first one who tries to get it running on the STM32F4DISCOVERY I think there is a problem on my side but I double checked the setup and I don't know where my mistake is.

    First question: What about case sensitivity? But I think that doesn't affect my problem as there is no difference.
    On line 8 of the driver:
    this.SPI.setup({sck:SCK, miso:MISO, mosi:MOSI});
    Shouldn't it be:
    this.SPI.setup({sck:sck, miso:miso, mosi:mosi});

    Question two:
    Is there a wiring diagram? Or to be more precise which is correct:
    MOSI->MOSI; MISO->MISO (straight)
    MOSI->MISO; MISO->MOSI (crossed)

    I'm still trying to get it working but any hints would be nice...


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