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  • Thanks, I appreciate it! Yes, feedback is good and I wasn't meaning to have a go at you.

    I am experimenting with ESP32C3 in products at the moment, so maybe the support will get a bit more 'first party' soon, and the way Espressif's SDK works that should translate to other Espressif boards.

    I really love the ESP32 chips - I think they're fantastic (especially the RISC-V ones), and I do want to find a way to support them properly.

    However I've found the hard way that more users is not always better...

    It can be hard to stay motivated to work on an Open Source project like Espruino - every day I have a bunch of requests/bug reports, none of which I get directly paid for, and a good proportion of those never even receive a response when they're fixed.

    I have to find a way to support ESP32 boards properly in a way that doesn't massively increase that burden. While seeing users pouring in would be nice, if more users just means more bug reports, that's not going to be much fun for me, and then I'm left wondering why I'm not just working in industry for double my current salary, with actual holidays.


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