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  • Hi Gordon,

    First, I want to clarify that my intention was never to offend or demotivate anyone. I greatly appreciate the effort you put into developing Espruino and supporting the community. My comments were solely a reflection of my personal feelings and experiences.

    From reading various threads in the forum, I understood that your primary focus is on generating revenue and selling Espruino boards. This makes sense from a business perspective, but it was somewhat disheartening to read that supporting ESP chips, which you seemed to view as competition, wasn't a priority for you. It felt like you were saying you would only focus on your own boards and if others wanted ESP support, they would have to implement it themselves. This perception was demotivating for me as it felt like there was no future support for these popular chips, leading me to seek alternatives.

    I want to emphasize that having support for widely-used chips like the ESP32 is crucial for attracting a large and active community to Espruino. A broad user base could potentially lead to more support and even donations from larger corporations in the future. JavaScript is very popular, and many developers, including myself, would love to use it for IoT projects on the latest hardware, not older models. People often choose the most cost-effective chips for their projects to maximize their profits, and Espruino could play a significant role by making it easier for JS developers to enter the IoT space.

    Your work is incredibly valuable, and I genuinely hope that Espruino continues to grow and support more hardware in the future. I look forward to seeing Espruino evolve and hopefully include support for new ESP chips someday.

    All I have for you is gratitude - thank you immensely for all your hard work and dedication. This project gave me lots of fun, and got me in iot which would never happen if it wasn't for you :) You let kids that know only JS to play with iot. I am just sad that you abandoned that part where Espruino is a cheap and affordable for everyone.

    Ending this answer, I would also like to share why I would buy Espruino board, and what I think would make your business part thrive:

    • reliability
    • lots of memory

    Espressif chips on boards from china are faulty. They are not perfect. They are cool to play with but lack reliability. Sometimes 3 out of 5 are ok, and the rest is connecting and disconnecting, reset itself, etc.
    If I would need to create a freezer temperature monitor for pharmacy, I would like the most reliable board and if Espruino board would be one, I would pay.
    ESP32 and ESP8266 have limited memory for code + memory operations. I tried to make AES work but got "out of memory" error and that was confusing. I guess that at some point I would buy Espruino board with wifi if there was enough memory to set up api with ui without using storage :) That would be a game changer in fun.

    Yeah,, there it is. I am still on board with all of you, just don't have skills to make Espruino work on ESP32-s3 or c6, so the easiest way for me is to find something else that works. And I just wanted to let you know about it, as a feedback. I believe that giving feedback is always in a good faith because it gives someone perspective of what people want, and why they do what they do. That's it.

    But I will definitely rush back, all in, asap, when Espruino will work on those new chips :)


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