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  • I understand the point, but I think it's also important for Espruino to continue supporting new Espressif chips to maintain its popularity. These chips offer remarkable power and lots of fun for people to play with. The risk of losing support for these chips will not push people to buy Espruino boards. It will just lead users to opt for alternatives like MicroPython, which already supports these new models, or just stick with old boards that Espruino support.

    Keeping Espruino working on the new hardware will increase its popularity and ensure its ongoing success and engagement with the developer community.

    Without it, it will start loosing all that bit by bit.

    I like JS, and I like the idea of writing code for ESPs in JS. But because there is no support for the new ESPs here, I just took ChatGPT and started writing code in MicroPython. And before AI, maybe that would be a problem. And maybe I would think of buying Espruino board, but today it is just too easy to do it.

    But I do look forward to Espruino supporting those chips someday :)

    Either way, I understand the business need of focusing on the get money part. And hope you will find a way to get what you want :)


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