• @Ganblejs thanks that version has fixed the btnWatches error :)

    I think the first problem happens with any clock, and I'm using the default launcher. At first I thought it might just be something I'd done in my own clock so I switched to Anton and it happens there too. Long press to reboot and immediately after, with the watch still unlocked, the first press seems to be ignored, after that it functions normally. If I reboot and wait for the watch to lock then the first press unlocks, the second press gets ignored, and I have to press for a third time to get to the launcher.

  • Hm.

    What firmware do you have currently?

    Could you:

    1. Make a backup from the app loader "More ..." tab and keep it around.
    2. Then use the "Reinstall apps" function from the same "More ..." tab.

    ... and see if that helps?

    I'll install anton clock and the default launcher to try to reproduce as well. Edit: I can't reproduce on my current setup.

    Edit: could you also also copy/paste the "Apps installed" field from the "More ..." tab of the app loader?


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