• A couple of things I've noticed -

    1. After rebooting two clicks are needed to get to the launcher from the clock.
    2. With a keyboard I'm currently working on I'm using the button to
      exit and return the text but Bangle.setUI({mode:"custom", btn:()=>{}}) is throwing

      Uncaught Error: Unhandled promise rejection: Error: Can't read property 'push' of undefined
      at line 12 col 2054 in .boot0
  • Thanks @woogal!

    Regarding 1:

    • What clock app do you use?
    • What launcher app do you use?
    • Just to make sure, you're saying you need to press once to unlock, an then two times more to go from clock to launcher?

    Regarding 2:
    Oversight on my part. I'll fix that and push an update in a bit.


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