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  • I know - I spotted that post too!

    Porting something barebones is probably not too painful as you say. A version of the VCare sensor is in Bangle.js 2 so it's hopefully not that hard to support (although VCare never seem to publicly share info so I had to reverse engineer a lot of ours)

    I'm always interested in cheap Bluetooth chips - so if we were able to get hold of the "BlueX Micro RF03" separately such that I could actually use them on my boards, I'd be a lot more motivated to put some time into a port ;)

    If the RF03 bootloader is completely unsecure, it could actually be a good target as it'll mean that any devices with it in are dead easy to reflash.

    Having said that, if enough people were actually interested I might be able to get a manufacturer of an nRF52 based ring to flash Espruino firmware on to them (or at least an unlocked bootloader) at the factory - and that's likely a better long term option as the nRF52 is so well supported at the moment.


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