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  • Plausible. I have a tool that each morning loads an ics, deletes a calendar and loads the data fresh from the ics.

    Ok, that'll be it then. I can see it pushing ~30 calendar changes at least.

    The log shows CalendarReceiver - Syncing with calendar. and as far as I can see CalendarReceiver can't be turned off!

    I've just made some changes to Gadgetbridge to make it more likely to honour that setting though (it now ignores CalendarReceiver if calendar sync is turned off) so the next nightly build should have the fix.

    If you update the Bangle.js Android app from the latest cutting edge it also attempts to sync the calendar in a more efficient way which I'd hope would be a little faster - although it seems like it's not the Bangle requesting a sync - it's CalendarReceiver that's pushing the data to it in which case we don't have much control over it.


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