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  • Thanks! I've just got the log and taken a look at it

    The FIFO_FULL has happened while trying to sync your calendar. It seems like it probably won't cause a big problem as things will resync after a bit and fix any issues, but still it's annoying.

    It seems XOFF is sent by Bangle.js in one message, and then received by Gadgetbridge, but pretty much immediately we also get the FIFO_FULL message (despite it taking another 1500 bytes/75 transmit calls) to fill up the buffer (Gadgetbridge would appear to be sending around 4k in one chunk)

    So what appears to be happening is Gadgetbridge is sending a bunch of data and isn't checking for any responses until it's done, by which time it's too late. I've filed an issue on Gadgetbridge for this:­etbridge/issues/3794


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