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  • I have the Polar H10 ! It has an accelerometer ! It's not being used for running dynamics at all, by any watch !! I've checked Polar websites, Youtube and whatever, and Polar watches don't do running dynamics. I have a Garmin watch that uses Running dynamics, but it won't get the accelerometer data (or not compatible) from the H10, so nothing out of this accelerometer yet. It baffles me that this accelerometer is just sitting there for no purpose. I'm gonna try to do something with it while I have it, but in the future, I will sell the H10 to get a Garmin Run Chest strap.
    Did anyone try a Garmin chest strap with a Banglejs ? I didn't see it in the list of working devices with the bthrm app (even though it should, theoretically, work).

  • Do you have an Android device? Try "Polar Sensor Logger"!.
    As far as I know not an official app, but one written by a polar employee privately.
    Its an easy small app that connects with the H10,

    • can show all incoming sensor data graphically (HR, ECG, Acc)
    • can record that data
    • write the recording to a text file (that you can analyse, probably even with excel)

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