• I tried to reproduce the issue to find the root cause, but my initial guess mentioned in previous post #3 doesn't seem to be correct.
    Here is another guess and a question:
    In the Web IDE, with loading the example code 'blink' by clicking on the UP arrow icon to RAM, Bangle shows a red dot blinking on top of the watch screen. I tried to change the blinking speed a couple times and then go back to the watch screen by long press of the button. After that, no notifications were received from the iPhone. Rebooting and reselecting to stay BT connectable seem to fix the issue. My guess is that the small app (blink) running on the RAM interferes with the BT and/or notification.
    Question: what's the proper way to stop running an app and clear the RAM area? Is long-pressing the button correct way to do it?



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