• Almost every time, after using the Web IDE with my laptop (Windows 11), my Banglejs 2 won't be able to get notifications from my iPhone.

    While I'm using the Web IDE, since it can connect to only one device, I turn off the BT on my phone. After disconnection (and remove the Bangle from BT device list on the laptop), I turn on the BT on the phone.
    On the phone it shows the Bangle is connected, but no notifications are received. So, I removed Bangle from the phone by forgetting the device and tried to reconnect but now the Bangle was not shown as nearby BT device.

    I tried to reboot the Bangle multiple times but didn't work. So, I did a factory reset and it started working.

    Am I doing something wrong?


Avatar for JeonLab @JeonLab started