• Thanks for the info, I think I understand more now.

    After reading your reply above, and poking around in your repo and jeffmer's: would I be right in thinking it'd be possible to flash your most recent Magic3 Espruino build, then upload some files from jeffmer's repo and have a reasonably working watch? I really only need to be able to run a clock app I've written for a Bangle.

    It looks like most of the code in jeffmer's repo is Espruino js code, to be run in the Espruino interpreter? e.g. not firmware patches.

    So the process would go like this (to borrow the one outlined in jeffmer's repo:
    1) Espruino bin using DaFlasher 2) DFU bootloader using WEBIDE 3) Most recent Magic3 Espruino zip file from fanoush repository 4) Upload enough of jeffmer's App js to get a decent watch environment 5) Upload my Bangle clock js

    With the understanding that I might need to update some of jeffmer's js to work with the newer version of Espruino.


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