• 1) there was a bug with advertising so device was not accessible with 6.1.x, it was fixed recently https://github.com/espruino/Espruino/iss­ues/2000 and there was another fix needed for internal flash to be stable with 6.1.x, if you build from latest Espruino source then S140 6.1.x works. my older builds have some quick fix so advertising works but without patch it does not work, jeffmer's builds may not have it, and nowadays it is not worth patching old source, better is updating to latest version. And BTW Bangle2 still uses 6.0.0 so moving down from 6.1.1 to 6.0.0 was also meant for better compatibility. 6.1.1 is needed only for coded phy with extended advertising support which is useful only in special cases.

    2) not in one go, dafit bin has limit on firmware size, first bin file is smaller and has some stuff compiled out to fit. maybe with some heavy compression and some custom installer that would unpack parts (bootloader, espruino, storage) into right places it could work


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