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  • Time is also limited here, but I certainly can give you some guidance.
    I did use the H10 SDK in the past. It was very easy to get acceleration, HR, ECG.
    More advanced features I did not get to work in limited time although that should also be doable.
    Eg. start/stop/download the internal memory which can record some 24h HR on its own without smartphone. (Anyone has JS or python code for that? I would be interested)

    I will just extract the .fit files from the watch and use them in Golden Cheetah, to keep privacy

    Did you manage to do that? Get the interesting information out of garmin watch without cloud?
    I gave up on suunto watches because that was not possible anymore at the time.

    but not running dynamics. This only comes if using a compatible chest strap with an accelerometer

    Do you have such a compatible chest strap? Then you can wear garmin in your experiments and produce a fit file as "ground truth" reference for the information you finally want to extract from the bangle sensor. Such reference helps a lot in development.


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