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  • A little update about all this. I bought a 2nd hand Garmin Fenix5, it's doing plenty of fancy stuff (which gave me app ideas), but not running dynamics. This only comes if using a compatible chest strap with an accelerometer. As a side note, the gps on the Garmin is a tiny bit more precise, but for 8 times the price of the Banglejs2...
    Anyway, I want to go on using the banglejs2 for running.
    I've found a github about the polar h10 which mentions : " H10 features available by the SDK : [...] Accelerometer data with sample rates of 25Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz and 200Hz and range of 2G, 4G and 8G. Axis specific acceleration data in mG.".
    So the H10 doesn't calculate on board, but it seems to broadcast the accelerometer's data (If I understand this right). I've asked the technical support of Garmin about their chest straps, but it's likely gonna be the same.
    So I will probably need guidance for the next steps, and patience, as I have virtually no time for this at the moment. Still, I'm gonna do a few 50 meters runs at different speeds in different terrains with the banglejs2 tightly attached to the laces of my shoe and record with the "Acceleration Logger" app, look at the data and see if I can make something out of it. The "simple algorithm" might be something way too abstract for me. We'll see.


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