• Hello there,

    A while ago I came across the Omega X33 Skywalker watch. This watch has been certified by the European Space Agency to be worn by astronauts in space. It has a very interesting feature called "Phase Elapsed Time". Basically you can set any target date and time in the past or in the future and the watch will tell you the remaining/elapsed time until/since the target.

    Small problem, the watch costs ~6500€.
    Since I cannot afford to pay 6 months of rent for a watch, I decided to recreate the feature in an app for the Bangle JS.

    The app is here if you want to try it: https://banglejs.com/apps/?id=elapsed_t

    I personally use it to quickly know in how much time is a train or a plane I don't want to miss. You can also use it to calculate your age, days until a birthday or an important date, etc...

    I also created a clock face with a Vaporwave theme, that you can try here: https://banglejs.com/apps/?id=vpw_clock

    I'm very grateful for this watch, especially for how easy it is to code and upload new apps to the watch. I sometimes edit code right on my phone, which of course isn't practical but at least has the merit to be possible! Kudos for that



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